07 August, 2010

Where do I focus first? Security or easier ways to use the PC?
My preference is to work on security. Easy PC use is a very individual area, and there will be hints and tips. In this way you choose what works best for you.
Making Security simple - Now that is my challenge. It isn't just the software or programs that you use, it is how you use them, also when and how you update.  Not just where and what you browse, it is what else is allowed to be downloaded at the same time.
It is to be remembered that when we read or are told something we may hear the words, but our brains will interpret those words and convert it into a new form of information and present it to our conscious minds in a manor that we understand. Some times this is nothing like what the original information had intended.  This is not because any one is dumb or stupid, it is a fact of our education, experiences and how our minds operate. I won’t go into this, there is a whole field of study on this topic alone, all it means is, we all see things differently. Unfortunately Computers don’t.. so we need to find some common ground and get our relationship right with our PC's.
So lets see how we go at getting the PC to get on with its job, so we can do ours.
Cheers Glenn

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